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Re: [Fwd: An improvement to dselect]

Previously Conrado Badenas wrote:
> Now that I have checked that newest version of xanim and xanim-modules
> do not support video codec for Star Wars video files, I would like to
> return to previous state, but in dselect there is no way to do it easly.

You probably need an extra codec, did you check the starwars site?
Otherwise mtv is able to play it, you can get that from it's homepage

> I would like dselect's Select menu option to have a keystroke for
> downgrading packages (+ is for install or UPgrade, what about * for
> DOWNgrade?), without having to remove installed packages and install
> them again from slink (which in case of libc6 would leave system useless
> in case of a blackout between removing and installing).

dpkg currently doesn't check dependencies correctly on downgrade, that
has to be done first. It's already on the todo-list.


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