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Bug#45642: dpkg-dev: dpkg-source can't handle lines in .diff.gz beginning with \

Previously Daniel Martin wrote:
> dpkg-source chokes on the line that begins with a backslash.  The
> issue is in lines 535 to 551 of dpkg-source.  The following diff is
> one way to fix this.

Looks valid. Looking at the documentation just checking for a line
that begins with a \ is enough, but it doesn't hurt to do some extra

> (I assume that the "No newline" string doesn't vary with the locale of
> the person building the source package)

It varies, as the info page states: `The exact message may differ in
non-English locales'. Luckily we can force this by setting LANG to C.

I've fixed this in my sourcetree, I'll upload soon.

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