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[Fwd: An improvement to dselect]

Dear Mr. Dienes and Mr. Jackson,

Following email was sent to Ian yesterday (the author of dselect), but
never reached him, so I send it now to the maintainers (Klee and Ian),
hoping you can contact the author (Ian).

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: An improvement to dselect
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:33:35 +0200
From: Conrado Badenas <Conrado.Badenas@uv.es>
Organization: University of Valencia
To: Ian Jackson <ijackson@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

Dear Mr. Jackson

I have upgraded some packages from slink to potato in order to have the
newest version of package xanim (to see Star Wars videos). Potato's
xanim wanted potato's libc6 and xlib6g, libc6 wanted potato's libc6-dev,
they conflicted some slink packages which I had to purged, xanim-modules
wanted potato's python-base, which wanted potato's libncurses4 and
libreadlineg2, which wanted potato's bash.

Now that I have checked that newest version of xanim and xanim-modules
do not support video codec for Star Wars video files, I would like to
return to previous state, but in dselect there is no way to do it easly.

I would like dselect's Select menu option to have a keystroke for
downgrading packages (+ is for install or UPgrade, what about * for
DOWNgrade?), without having to remove installed packages and install
them again from slink (which in case of libc6 would leave system useless
in case of a blackout between removing and installing).

Thank you very much for your attention.

Conrado Badenas (Assistant Lecturer)
Department of Thermodynamics. University of Valencia
c/. Doctor Moliner, 50       | e-m: Conrado.Badenas@uv.es
46100 Burjassot (Valencia)   | Phn: +34 - 963 864 350
SPAIN                        | Fax: +34 - 963 983 385

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