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Re: bug#44994: dselect should use --fix-missing

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Francesco Potorti` wrote:

> When using the apt-get method, dselect should install packages using the
> --fix-missing option  to apt-get.  When using  a mirror, in  fact, it is
> very  frequent to  find inconsistencies  in the  archive status,  due to
> delays and mirroring problems, so I am very often forced to give up with
> dselect and using `apt-get --fix-missing dselect-upgrade'.

This is an APT issue..

It is deliberately not set because fix-missing and -f can be mutualy bad
in some cases (particularly they give unhelpfull error messages..)
If you have the 0.3 versions you can set a configuration file value to
force this anyhow.


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