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Bug#40356: dpkg: prints architecture "alphapca56" on "alpha"

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu> writes:

> On 28 Jun 1999, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> > Package: dpkg
> > Version:
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > % dpkg --print-architecture
> > dpkg: warning, architecture `alphapca56' not in remapping table
> > alphapca56
> > 
> > As root, it normally prints correctly "alpha"; but while building a
> > package, it outputs the wrong architecture, making the built package
> > unusable.
> The problem really doesn't lie in dpkg (it IS, after all, reporting the
> correct class of alpha), but rather in most configure scripts that are
> included in the packages.

The problem IS in dpkg. I know many configure scripts recognize alpha
as alphaevsomething, but that's another thing. But in my case, dpkg
itself prints alphapca56. And there is no alphapca56 in the set of
architectures for debian. If I tried to upload a package, it would be
rejected. And I would *really* like to upload it.

It would be probably useful if it did give consistently alphapca56,
but it sometimes gives plain alpha.


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