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Re: Bug#40356: dpkg: prints architecture "alphapca56" on "alpha"

On 29 Jun 1999, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> The problem IS in dpkg. I know many configure scripts recognize alpha
> as alphaevsomething, but that's another thing. But in my case, dpkg
> itself prints alphapca56. And there is no alphapca56 in the set of
> architectures for debian. If I tried to upload a package, it would be
> rejected. And I would *really* like to upload it.

Hmmm..that is odd.  On 30 or so times running it on my alphapca56, it
still yields 'alpha'.  I'll see if I can reproduce this here through a few
other methods...

For confirmation, this is the same dpkg from master, correct?  Also, slink
or potato?

> It would be probably useful if it did give consistently alphapca56,
> but it sometimes gives plain alpha.

Yeah, that definitely is not good.  Inconsistency is not a good thing :-(


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