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FW: Linux on Toshiba 105CS

Here are some comments on the current potato install from a co-worker of
mine.  He did an install on a Toshiba laptop.

I have already responded to him to assist with future installs (he's already
done two machines in our customer support group, plus one at home, one for
his GRANDMOTHER! (instead of a WebTV she had asked for) and now this

I think that the way dpkg/dselect currently handles installs (if I
understand it correctly) may be a bit inefficient in terms of disk usage.  I
realize that time concerns may be paramount, but since it never deletes
archives as you install (until the ENTIRE set of packages has been
installed) you need more and more disk space as you install.  My workaround
with Aron was to do installs of smaller sets of packages when using a low
disk-space machine.  However, as he notes in his mail, this is not
compatible with our task/use oriented package lists.

At any rate, his experiences are not what the average user will see.
However, it might be worth thinking about laptop configurations such as
Arons during future work on dpkg.



> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Aron Golob 
> Sent:	Monday, June 28, 1999 10:36 AM
> To:	Brent Fulgham
> Cc:	James Branson; Jason Festich
> Subject:	Linux on Toshiba 105CS
> Hi,
> Once you asked me to tell you if I saw any issues with the install
> process...I know Debian is rewritting the install process but I thought
> I'd share anyway.  I am sure that some of my problems are because I am new
> to the process/program.
> I have a 520mb hdd on this laptop that I want to make a basic C and C++
> programming / light X-windows station.
> I made the POTATO install disks and did the install, finally moving into
> the dselect process.
> As you know it initiates as what could be called two modes:
> 1) - task oriented 
> 2) - role oriented
> Either it does not have or I do not know how to... but either option
> should allow one to add and remove packages from there. As it is I could
> view what "I opted for" but could not remove or add as I wanted - IE do I
> really need all those editors ... no, etc.
> Anyway, in the past installs I actually went through and selected each
> individual package but thought it would be cool/easier if I just selected
> a role and let it do the work. I selected the C/programming workstation
> one that required 415mb or so as it stated on the dselect screen.  
> I had cfdisk'ed the drive into a 480mb LINUX partition and a 40mb swap.
> So I'm thinking at 415mb I'd even have some small space for some files but
> I'd be cool on the install.
> I spent 3 days downloading files (only a 28.8 pc card modem) and then had
> a few of the files (such as exim) have errors in download such as not a
> plain text file so I could not ftp them.  This then caused the Install to
> not move to the next phase which was to actually install the programs.  So
> I had to keep going into Install (under APT) and try to read the screen so
> that I could see the files that bombed and remove them from the selection
> criteria - actually I just did a ctrl-c before it ended because the screen
> gets the errors and it pops you right back out to the main screen - it
> would be nice if it could hold there waiting for one to say continue....  
> It should be able to install the DEB files it has downloaded especially
> since it can get the DEB database and know if it has all the files needed
> for that product.  Then it should produce an output of what it could not
> install and why.
> So after I removed the programs APT could not FTP it started to install
> and some way through RAN OUT OF SPACE???  The INSTALL step asks before you
> continue and get the DEB files something like "...I have to go get xxxMB
> and 415mb will be used afer install"
> I had 480 free before but could not install the programs I downloaded that
> would take 415mb after install???  After this problem dpkg did not work
> and even when I removed files such as all /usr/doc and all xemacs stuff
> and what not to try and get space, I could not successfully run dselect to
> remove certain packages and free up space.  I even wonder if I had been
> able to use dselect would it have worked?  Would it have removed the DEB
> files from the /var staging area and freed up space?
> Anyway, I cleared the laptop and started over.  This time I spent the time
> to hand select what I wanted.  A total of about 165mb somewhere in the 2-
> or 3- hundred MB when installed.  I still love the system and hope this
> time it works.
> Well, thanks for letting me "talk your ears off".
> Aron

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