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Bug#36713: dpkg/dpkg-dev seems to have problem with long filenames? "@LongLink" error

Package: dpkg or possibly dpkg-deb
Version: from Debian Slink release (2.5 ?)

I have problems installing a package that I built myself. It
builds fine without error, but trying to install it, causes
an error suggesting that the tar in the .deb is corrupted.
Trying to debug it or to convert it to something else, using
alien, I found that the tar seems to contain a
entry of unknown type "L" (as opposed to types fdls)

Also, the problem only happens when I include some
documentation files with rather long filenames (i.e. >
approx 40-50 characters long). Leaving them out of the
archive "fixes" the problem.

I am using Debian 2.1 slink, kernel version 2.2.x/x86.

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