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general dpkg issues

I was thinking that, along with my suggestion of moving config-files to
a separate directory when removing packages, it would be very nice to
have control over the location of any file in the system through dpkg.

Yes, it is easy enough to edit the status file by hand or to write scripts
to accomplish some of the things I'd like to do, but IMHO there is too much
of this already: pkg-deptree and cruft provide features I'd like to see in
the main system, for example.  No offense to the writers of these scripts -
they are very well written.  It's the overall scattering of features that
I find very frustrating sometimes.

I just joined this mailing list.  From the looks of it, you guys are
concentrating on bug fixing right now.  Where do things stand as far
as implementing new features and other design issues go?  I guess I'll
give in and install the source to see if there's a todo list.  No promises,
but maybe I can find some time to help with the coding.

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