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Re: I'm going to do some dpkg development

Klee Dienes <klee@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> OK, so you're saying that I should merge my 1.4.1--> branch
> into the current 1.4.1 branch and go from there?  Or take the NMU's
> from the>1.4.1 and merge them into my current,
> keeping it as a separate branch?

The 1.4.1 that exists now is not the same as your 1.4.1.  You should
probably merge any clear fixes on to the main trunk, and any big
changes (such as your new source format) on a branch.

> My question isn't so much "what
> should I do," but "where are we now and in what sources should I do my
> work"?

If we both work on the va cvs tree (CVSROOT=:ext:$USER@va.debian.org:/cvs/dpkg)
perhaps we can persuade Ian to also.  He wants to first review all the
NMU changes made so far and perhaps undo some of them.


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