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Re: I'm going to do some dpkg development

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> What kind of things were you planning to do ?

Currently I have some miscellaneous fixes to various scripts,
(including the changes for the long-promised new upload mechanism),
and I've ported dpkg to HP-UX 10, Solaris, AIX, and Cygwin.

I've begun to implement logging also.  I want to familiarize myself
with internals more before working on bigger projects.

> As soon as I've got rid of the project leadership (Real Soon Now) I
> was planning to do some work on dpkg.  I have to say that I've not
> been too pleased with the results of the NMUs, so I plan to go back to
> my own last-released tree and try to fold in the NMUs' changes
> individually so I can review them.

That would be 1.4.0 ?

I just wanted to make the CVS tree active again if only so my changes
could be made more public.  It should be easy to merge any changes
that I make with your un-changes. :)


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