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Re: I'm going to do some dpkg development

> Hey Rickoid, you're alive!  You two must be trembling at the thought
> of my greasy paws on the code.  I woke you both up so quickly. :)

It was just coincidence, I swear!  I've been itching to get back to
Debian work for months now --- I've been consumed by an absolutely
wonderful project at Apple (I should be able to provide details soon,
hopefully), and between that, my GDB work (Apple finally signed the
FSF papers yesterday!), and a rocky start for our new twins, I managed
to end up with 1700 unread messages in my 'debian-devel' folder.
Yours just happened to be the first one I saw when I finally cracked
open the vault of old messages :-).

> Maybe flesh out the better source format in your 1.4.1 ?

OK, so you're saying that I should merge my 1.4.1--> branch
into the current 1.4.1 branch and go from there?  Or take the NMU's
from the>1.4.1 and merge them into my current,
keeping it as a separate branch?  My question isn't so much "what
should I do," but "where are we now and in what sources should I do my
work"?  I'm eager to get started, but I really don't want to screw up
what other people are doing, either ...

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