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Re: any plan for the bad bugs and hamm?

Some time around  17 Jun 1998 10:17:00 +0200, 
         Kai Henningsen wrote:
 > jk@espy.org (Joel Klecker)  wrote on 16.06.98 in <v04011708b1ac34f32769@[206
 > .163.71.146]>:
 > > At 23:52 -0700 1998-06-15, Adam P. Harris wrote:
 > > >dpkg              17381  dpkg: please add
 > > >--force-overwrite-inexistant-files and default to it ;) [143]  (Klee
 > > >Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
 > >
 > > I don't think this is really a bug, the first example shows an overlap
 > > between two packages, and the second has two artificial packages both
 > > containing /usr/doc/foobar, one is installed, the /usr/doc directory is
 > > removed, and the other package is installed, dpkg complains about the
 > > overlap.
 > This bug has bitten me numerous times recently, and it is really hard to  
 > find out what is going on. I'd label it a pretty serious bug; I *think*  
 > what happens is that dpkg can't handle when a directory doesn't exist that  
 > it's database claims, and another package claims, too - but which wouldn't  
 > amount to a problem if the directory were there.

I believe this bug is "fixed" if we re-enable --force-overwrite in dpkg.  I 
believe everyone agrees this needs to be done anyway, because there are 
numerous file overlaps between bo and hamm that are not accounted for.  
Someone needs to release a dpkg with --force-overwrite on ASAP.

> But it may also be related to symlinks - in one case, I've seen it happen  
> and found the directory in question was a symlink pointing to itself -  
> some svgalib package.

I seem to remember someone claiming that this also happens when an empty dir 
is installed by one of the packages in question.

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