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Bug#23711: dpkg: should not install packages sharing a conffile

Package: dpkg

If a package already installed, and not purged (but maybe removed)
declares "foo" as a conffile, and another package is installed, which
declares "foo" as well as a conffile, dpkg will happily proceed,
without even a warning (or I never saw it - will have to check again).

This can for example cause problems in the case of an init.d file,
where update-rc.d will then refuse to have the 1st package ever

It is not yet an important bug, as the 1st package can be kept in
"remove" state until the conflict is resolved, but it the 1st package
is a very old one, or even a 3rd-party one, we just can't ask a
maintainer to check for every possible conffile that could have ever
been installed on any Debian system.

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