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Bug#995397: Dropped support for 32-bit Xen PV guests should be mentioned in i386 release notes


Sorry for the delay, but the below text is appreciated.

On 30-09-2021 22:59, Andy Smith wrote:
> Thanks. I am not sure whether it fits in "Items not limited to the
> upgrade process" or under "Obsolescence and deprecation", but how
> about:

I think the second one makes more sense.

>     The Linux kernel no longer provides support for 32-bit Xen
>     guests in PV mode.
>     Users of 32-bit Xen guests should check that they are running in
>     either PVH or HVM mode before upgrading to bullseye, since as of
>     v5.9 the Linux kernel will not boot as a 32-bit Xen PV mode
>     guest.
>     You can check which type of Xen guest you are running as
>     follows:
>     <pre>
>     $ cat /sys/hypervisor/guest_type
>     PV
>     </pre>
>     If you see <b>PVH</b> or <b>HVM</b> here then you should be safe
>     to upgrade to bullseye.

Upto here, I'm fine.

>     If it is a requirement to continue using PV mode, the least
>     disruptive option may be to <a
>     href="https://wiki.debian.org/CrossGrading";>switch to an amd64
>     (64-bit) kernel</a>. It is not necessary to cross-grade the
>     entire system to amd64.
> Not sure if the last paragraph is appropriate as I'm not sure if
> cross-grading like that is considered supported, even though I
> suppose multiarch is considered supported, so why not?

And here indeed I doubt. If we're unsure, maybe we should express that

> Anyway, all of this is only for the i386 release notes as amd64
> support has not been dropped.



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