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Bug#950447: Document that persistent journal is now enabled in systemd

Paul Gevers wrote:
>> On 18-03-2021 11:41, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> Yes, the persistent journal is enabled on upgrades and new installations.
>> Thanks.
>>> I'm a bit uncertain, whether I should go into that much detail in the
>>> release notes, especially wrt to rsyslog. But on the other hand, this
>>> way our users are notified in advance that this change is coming.
>> I would say, keep it short. I.e. tell we change the default (it only the
>> default, right?) on upgrades and how it can be disabled again.
> Did you already have inspiration? We can also try to write up something,
> but I really appreciate it when maintainers do the initial proposal.

If nobody knowledgeable has had the time to come up with anything,
maybe the version attached will inspire either improvements or just an
urge to replace it with something completely different.

(The man page pointer should be enough that we don't also need to
spell out a "disabling the journal HOWTO".)
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package
diff --git a/en/whats-new.dbk b/en/whats-new.dbk
index 1e361e61..399e1977 100644
--- a/en/whats-new.dbk
+++ b/en/whats-new.dbk
@@ -182,6 +182,23 @@ linkend="obsolete"/>.
+<section id="persistent journal">
+  <title>Persistent systemd journal</title>
+  <para>
+    Systemd in bullseye activates its persistent journal functionality
+    by default, storing its files in
+    <filename>/var/log/journal/</filename>. See <ulink
+    url="&url-man;/bullseye/systemd/journald.conf.5.html">journald.conf(5)</ulink>
+    for details.
+  </para>
+  <para>
+    This should not interfere with any existing traditional logging
+    daemon such as <systemitem role="package">rsyslog</systemitem>, but
+    users who are not relying on special features of such a daemon may
+    wish to uninstall it and switch over to using only the journal.
+  </para>
 <section id="major-packages">
   <title>Desktops and well known packages</title>

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