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Bug#950447: Document that persistent journal is now enabled in systemd

Hi Paul

Am 18.03.2021 um 11:29 schrieb Paul Gevers:
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HI Michael,

On Sat, 01 Feb 2020 21:45:06 +0100 Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:

We should document in the release notes, that systemd has enabled
persistent logging in journald.
Personally, I would prefer to do that on upgrades and new installations
and document that accordingly (and that is what the systemd package
currently does).

The discussions on debian-devel are still ongoing, so this might still
change though.

So, what's the end status in bullseye now? Can you propose a text?

Yes, the persistent journal is enabled on upgrades and new installations.
What I didn't push for is the demotion of rsyslog from important to optional, so rsyslog is still installed by default as well.
I plan to change that in bullseye+1 (*)
This is sort of deliberate to have both installed for one release cycle.
Just in case something goes horribly wrong with the persistent journal (which I don't expect), users still have their known plaintext log files as fallback.

I'm a bit uncertain, whether I should go into that much detail in the release notes, especially wrt to rsyslog. But on the other hand, this way our users are notified in advance that this change is coming.

Paul, wdyt?

(*) My plan would be, to simply demote rsyslog to optional, but not actively remove it on upgrades.

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