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Bug#880696: debian-refcard: PDFs have various problems (layout broken, missing spaces or line breaks ...)

Hi Holger, 

Dixit Holger Wansing, le 04/11/2017 :

>The reported issues are not to be corrected in the english dbk files
>or in the po files.
Yes, in general.
But the only 3 others literal-spaces seems not more useful.
(command --help, tar, and dpkg --compare-versions)
They look like hacks used to give a nice output...
And the german version already removed it.

>In the stretch version (9.0.4) of the package, everything is fine. So
>the reason for those issues is somewhere in the build chain of the
For the record, I made all my test locally with Stretch (9.1).

Thanks for taking care of the refcard.


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