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Bug#880696: debian-refcard: Debian Reference Card translation to russian contains errors in command definitions

Control: retitle -1 debian-refcard: PDFs have various problems (layout broken, missing spaces or line breaks ...)
Control: found -1 10.0

Baptiste Jammet <baptiste@mailoo.org> wrote:
> Control: tag -1 patch
> Hello, 
> Dixit Alex, le 03/11/2017 :
> >>move command is spelled "mv file1file2"
> >>no whitespace between "file1" and "file2".  
> >I double checked and found that the part above is also the issue for
> >the original english version.
> This seems to be due to "<literal> </literal>". Maybe this was useful
> for some old build engine?
> Attached patch remove it, and take care of translations.
> As fr & es should shorter the word used for "file" to be displayed, I
> corrected this too.

The reported issues are not to be corrected in the english dbk files or in
the po files.
In the stretch version (9.0.4) of the package, everything is fine. So
the reason for those issues is somewhere in the build chain of the pdfs.

In fact, it's not only russian and french versions which have problems,
but all languages!

I will leave this bug open as a reminder for later, when buster settles down 
a bit ...

Thanks for reporting anyway!


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