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Re: Installation guide is not updated in some languages

On sabato 10 giugno 2017, at 18:09 +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Given we're already building docs to ship in binary packages, it seems
> reasonable to re-use those build results on www-master indeed. There's
> maybe some history behind building it there but I'm not aware of it. So
> working on an update of the “build” process looks good to me. Any takers
> on the debian-boot side?

Hi all,

isn't there also the fact that binary packages are created only so
often, while the sources in the VCS maybe more up-to-date?

Would not the documentation on the website be more up-to-date if they
were generated from the VCS sources?

I think I see something like that happening with the Debian FAQ that,
as far as I know, has the documentation online taken from the Debian

Hope I am not missing something obvious.

Thanks for the work on this,


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