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Re: Installation guide is not updated in some languages


Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> (2017-06-10):
> Hmmm... I don't have shell access but I can run this command via cron.
> But it seems problem is resolved iby now as I see:
>  https://www.debian.org/releases/testing/amd64/index.html.ja
> This is good work around for now.  But this is very high CPU load on
> debian-www and not a good idea.  That's why it is pushed aside to
> lessoften.  The inherent problem is debian-www is running stable
> distribution while the installation-guide source package is mainly
> developed on the testing/unstable tool chain.
> The better way is unpack binary packages to build files.  Some file name
> changes and URL rewrite is needed but that has been done successfully
> for debian-handbook debian-handbook_*.deb in often cron script.  This is
> very light weight.  (This time s/html/html.en/ etc. is needed.  sed
> script for URL is much lighter CPU load than stabdard build process.)
> Even now fetching of the source and binary packages are done in often
> cron script using the ftp protocol.  It is still working but I don't
> know how long we support the ftp protocol.  Our mirror stopped using the
> ftp protocol.  So maybe soon this access may be killed.
> This is not just a problem for installation-guide but almost all other
> debian-doc files.

Given we're already building docs to ship in binary packages, it seems
reasonable to re-use those build results on www-master indeed. There's
maybe some history behind building it there but I'm not aware of it. So
working on an update of the “build” process looks good to me. Any takers
on the debian-boot side?


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