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New network interface names (Was: Re: Installing chapter in the release notes)

Hello systemd maintainers, 

We [1] are trying to find good words to put in the release notes about
the new network interfaces naming scheme.
See the proposed text below, with 3 associated questions:

Dixit Vincent McIntyre, le 22/03/2017 :

>+<!-- new in Stretch-->
>+<term>New method for naming network interfaces</term>
>+The installer and newly installed systems will use a different
>+naming scheme for network interfaces instead of eth0, eth1 etc.
>+The old naming method suffered from enumeration race conditions
>+that made it possible for interface names to change unexpectedly
>+and is incompatible with mounting the root filesystem read-only.
>+The new enumeration method relies on more sources of information,
>+to produce a more repeatable outcome. It uses the firmware/BIOS
>+provided index numbers and then tries PCI card slot numbers,
>+producing names line ens0 or enp1s1 (ethernet) or wlp3s0 (wlan).
>+USB devices, which can be added to the system at any time, 
>+will have names based upon their ethernet MAC addresses.
>+This change does not apply to upgrades of jessie systems,
>+the naming will continue to be enforced by
>+For more information, see /usr/share/doc/udev/README.Debian.gz
>My suggested text above is far from the final word here
>and I have questions:
> * Is it even accurate?
> * How are the firmware/BIOS and PCI slot methods that were discussed
>   related to the NamePolicy methods in the udev file:
>      NamePolicy=kernel database onboard mac
> * Is biosdevname still out of the picture?

Thanks for your answer.

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