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Bug#770776: lxc: can't access console or stop a jessie container running systemd as PID 1

first of all, systemd works fine in privileged systemd containers.

second, i normally wait a couple of days until upstream had a chance to
reply (here, specifically to Antonions patch). usually, if they haven't
answered in a couple of days, the bug/patch will not get picket up in
any reasonable time and it's fine to cherry pick it (this is because i
have been asked to not patch lxc-debian at all in order to preserv the
same good or bad "user" experience across different distributions).

once that is cherry-picked, third: the only thing that needs to go into
the release-notes is a note that *iff* debian has an automatic upgrade
of wheezy-with-sysvinit to jessie-with-systemd (which i welcome), *then*
the release notes should say that existing containers need to adjust
their getty units to accomodate for that.


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