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Bug#770776: LXC breakage and workarounds when upgrading VMs to jessie

On Mon, 24 Nov 2014, Adam D. Barratt wrote:

On 2014-11-23 23:19, Tomas Pospisek wrote:
LXC VMs become unbootable when upgraded to jessie.

The upgrade migrates systems automatically to systemd, after which the
VMs won't be able to boot.

The simplest workaround currently is to upgrade and then, before
rebooting, to switch back to sysv.

That sounds like something we should be fixing, rather than documenting.

I agree. However nobody seems to be stepping forward to actually do the work.

The question is also if that work would actually be able to migrate into jessie in time. As far as I have understood Daniel Baumann, lxc's maintainer (Cc:ed), a newer lxc version is required to make the upgrade work properly.

If we leave the situation as is, then people/sysadmins will get their VM migrated to systemd and the VM will not start at its next reboot.

So given the situation, my aim is to let the user know via release-notes, what he's expected to encounter and what he can do about the problem.

OMMV, but I'm not particularly keen on the release notes explicitly suggesting that people go out of their way not to run the default init system.

Understood and agreed. However I think it's preferable to inform the user about what is known to work instead of wishing it were different, when there's no better alternative at the moment.

(quite aside from the fact that we don't currently know whether upgrades will actually change the init system at all for most users).

The VM I upgraded ca. three weeks ago was switched to systemd automatically and AFAI can see, there is no component inside that VM that would depend on systemd and thus pull it in.

If automatically switching the user to systemd is currently under review/discussion, could you please give me a pointer to that discussion (bug number? Thread on some mailing list?), so I can follow it and try to keep my proposed release-notes changes in sync accordingly (or drop them, in case the upgrade would not switch users to systemd by default any more when jessie is released)?

Thanks & greets,

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