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Bug#770776: lxc: can't access console or stop a jessie container running systemd as PID 1

Hello Daniel,

sorry, I missed your message [1], because it wasn't Cc'ed to me.

You wrote on Mon, 24 Nov:

first of all, systemd works fine in privileged systemd containers.

What do you mean with "privileged"? Do you mean lxc VMs started by root?

third: the only thing that needs to go into the release-notes is a note that *iff* debian has an automatic upgrade of wheezy-with-sysvinit to jessie-with-systemd (which i welcome), *then the release notes should say that existing containers need to adjust their getty units to accomodate for that.

Could you explain "existing containers need to adjust their getty units to accomodate for that", please?

With all the changes from Antonio's patch applied, a lxc VM, that was upgraded to jessie-with-systemd on a wheezy host, still won't boot (started by root). I do not get any error messages and no logs, just nothing after a "lxc-start -n vm-upgraded-to-jessie-with-systemd".

What more is required to make the jessie-with-systemd VM on a wheezy host boot short of upgrading the host to jessie?

Note for the BTS - main discussion about the technical details of upgrading a wheezy LXC VM to jessie is in #766233.


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=770776#15

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