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Re: Reviewing debian-reference

reopen 769464

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 09:44:01PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Baptiste Jammet wrote:
> > Hi Osamu and -doc,
> > (CC Sébastien who is translating in french)
> > 
> > While reviewing debian-reference for french translation, I notice this
> > change :
> > 
> > 09_systips.txt, l.579 :
> >>-The combination of "Alt-SysRq s", "Alt-SysRq u", and "Alt-SysRq
> >>-r" is
> >>+The combination of "Alt-SysRq s", "Alt-SysRq u", and
> >>+"Alt-SysRq b" is
> >>good for getting out of really bad situations and
> >>gaining an usable keyboard 
> >>access without stopping the system.
> > 
> > (sorry, VCS seems to be off for now, so copy-paste from po)
> > 
> > But if I remember well, (I've
> > re-read /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-3.*/Documentation/sysrq.txt)
> > this means Sync, Unmount & Boot ! This is not correct with the phrase
> > accompagning the tip.
> > 
> > "AltSysRq r" is for raw keyboard mode, no ?
> Is this connected to bug #769464,

I guess yes.

> which confusingly appears to be a
> pending change from "b" to "r" (the opposite of what you have above)?

Indeed, that's what #769464 says.  If the text would be:

 The combination of "Alt-SysRq s", "Alt-SysRq u", and "Alt-SysRq b" is good for
 getting out of really bad situations without hard resetting the system.

it would make some sense.  I vaguely remember the linux kernel recently changed
meaning of these alt-sysrq-keys; perhaps that's related too.

> The text also has a debian-l10n-english nit: "an" before "usable"
> should be "a", or in this case preferably just omitted - "and gaining
> usable keyboard access".


I don't know what would be the best solution here.

Baptiste:  thanks for bringing up this issue!



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