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Re: manpages.debian.net issues?

Just to check, here - do I still need to go ahead and do a build of this locally for testing, or is this being addressed?

On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 5:54 AM, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino <jfs@debian.org> wrote:
(Sorry, I replied to Paul and not to the list)

On 21 October 2013 08:01, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Javier,
> I note that manpages.debian.net is down. I asked DSA on IRC and they
> said you haven't responded for their calls for help moving it to another
> machine and that they would not be re-enabling it without responsive
> maintainers for the service.

FWIW nobody contacted me regarding this service. So I do not see how I
can be considered "unresponsive" and not "responding to calls for
help".  To the best of my knowledge I have not received any email
regarding planned downtime (or the need for migration of this
service). I'm unable to find any such notice in my mailbox, and
neither I see a note in debian-services-admin (the list where
services' administrators have to monitor for such issues) or in

Had I received either advance warning or warning post-incident I would
have taken action. I'm surprised by DSA's response here.

Should I have found out about the downtime myself? I don't have a
monitoring system in place to warn me when this service is unavailable
(I actually asked DSA about this last year), and I don't use it myself
every day.  Consequently, it is unlikely I will know it's down unless
somebody notifies me.

The first notice I have received is via these emails (sent by users)
to the debian-doc mailing list.

> Are you still interested in maintaining this service?

Yes, I am. I gave invested quite some time on the service and want to
keep it running for our users.

Could someone tell me in which DSA-managed host should I setup this
new service? I will need not only shell access (which I assume is
readily available for DDs), I will also need to change the web
server's configuration (so access to the configuration files + rights
to restart it would be fine, but a point of contact is good enough

> Is anyone else on the debian-doc list interested in helping provide
> web-accessible manual pages for Debian users?

As you pointed out, setting up a replica of this service should be
easy (I tried to document all the setup in the debian-doc repo and the
code is fully up-to-date). Some of the steps might not be obvious, but
the setup is easily repeatable in another host.

Anyway, if I get pointed to where should I move the service too I will
try to get the service running (DNS change + software installation and
configuration) through this week.

Best regards,


PS: Sorry, no signed e-mail during work hours, I don't have my GPG key

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