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manpages.debian.net issues?

Hi Javier,

I note that manpages.debian.net is down. I asked DSA on IRC and they
said you haven't responded for their calls for help moving it to another
machine and that they would not be re-enabling it without responsive
maintainers for the service.

Are you still interested in maintaining this service?

Is anyone else on the debian-doc list interested in helping provide
web-accessible manual pages for Debian users?

Recent mails[1][2] on the debian-www list indicate that it is a somewhat
popular service. The wiki links to it a lot for manual pages.

     1. http://lists.debian.org/5263B7C3.6030501@cloud85.net
     2. http://lists.debian.org/CANqnNNdZbOY-qOpTOmaCZx-_FwEups=KEqHee2u=38azswuULw@mail.gmail.com



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