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Re: manpages.debian.net issues?

On 21/10/13 at 01:08 -0500, Robert W. Oliver II wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm willing to host it at no charge for the community.  We have plenty of
> spare bandwidth in our hosting systems and will be glad to help.  If you
> can let me know what kind of requirements the site needs I'll check and see
> what's available.  It would, of course, come with 24/7 email support.

Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for your offer. However, if possible, I think that it would
be better if it was hosted on a DSA-managed server, given it's clearly a
useful service.

I think that Paul's question was more about people willing to help
manage the service, than about finding an alternative hosting solution.
I've confirmed that DSA is still willing to host the service provided
there is someone willing to care for it.


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