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Bug#704290: release-notes: the grub-to-grub2 transition is already over

Package: release-notes
Version: r9650
Tags: wheezy patch

The release notes contain hints about the upgrade from grub to
grub2.  Luckily grub2 was already the default in squeeze, so this
information is no longer a relevant step in the upgrade process.

Index: upgrading.dbk
--- upgrading.dbk	(révision 9650)
+++ upgrading.dbk	(copie de travail)
@@ -1902,33 +1902,8 @@
-<section id="update-grub" arch="amd64;i386">
-<title>Upgrade to GRUB 2</title>
-During the upgrade, you will normally have been offered the option to
-"chainload" GRUB 2: that is, to keep GRUB Legacy as the primary boot loader
-but to add an option to it to load GRUB 2 and then start your &debian;
-system from that.  This allows you to verify that GRUB 2 works on your
-system before committing to use it permanently.
-Once you have confirmed that GRUB 2 works, you should switch to using it
-properly: the chainloading setup is only intended to be used temporarily.
-You can do this by running <command>upgrade-from-grub-legacy</command>.
-The GRUB Manual has <ulink
-information</ulink> on the changes between GRUB Legacy and GRUB 2, some of
-which may require changes to complex configurations.  If you have not modified
-your boot loader configuration, you should not need to do anything further.
 <section id="deprecated">
 <title>Deprecated components</title>

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