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Re: Is the debian-doc kfreeBSD-ready?

El 11 d’abril de 2012 14:26, Nicolas Barbier
<nicolas.barbier@gmail.com> ha escrit:
> FWIW, I have never heard anyone use the term “kFreeBSD” in a
> non-Debian context; therefore I find it strange to use it at such an
> introductory location.
> What about using “kernel of FreeBSD” and indicating that the
> abbreviation for that is “kFreeBSD”? E.g.:
> “Debian can use either Linux or the kernel of FreeBSD (called
> kFreeBSD) at its core”

I agree.  However, the "called" makes it look like we're an
authoritative source (and officially, the kernel of FreeBSD doesn't
have a name of its own).

How about something like:

[...] or the kernel of FreeBSD (often referred to as "kFreeBSD")  as its core.

Robert Millan

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