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Bug#612008: release-notes: please add emdebian section

 Subject: Re: Bug#612008: release-notes: please add emdebian section

> > Emdebian is an extension to Debian, and  it was recognized as official
> > Debian subproject, the same as Debian Live. So a pointer to Emdebian
> > release-notes might apply in this case, as well as Debian Live should
> > have a pointer to their release notes.
> The only references I see to Emdebian being an "official Debian subproject"
> are from the emdebian.org website itself - I have never seen any mention of
> this from any DPL, past or present.  What makes Emdebian an "official Debian
> subproject"? 

It was agreed with TBM when he was DPL. I'd have to dig a little to
find the email.

One could still argue about exactly what
status/benefits/requirements/responsibilities are conferred by being an
'official Debian subject'. I think the original question was about
using the debian website design. But there was alse a co-ordinated release
for Lenny, and I think we are expecting that to continue. 

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