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Bug#599813: [Evolution] Bug#599813: Bug#599813: release-notes: GNOME additions for the release notes

On dim., 2011-01-02 at 17:14 +0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-01-02 at 12:48 +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> > On jeu., 2010-12-30 at 21:05 +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> > > On Wed, Dec  8, 2010 at 16:35:44 +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> > > 
> > > > Do you want a patch summarizing that in (tentatively) good English?
> > > > 
> > > Yes please.
> > 
> > Here's an attempt to do that (not sure about the document structure, so
> > feel free to reorder it).
> Thanks for that.
> Index: en/upgrading.dbk
> [...]
> +<section id="packages-specific-issues">
> +  <title>Special care for specific packages</title>
> Maybe this should be moved to the GNOME section of issues.dbk?

I asked Julien, but it seems that issues.dbk was about general issues,
while here it's more about upgrading issues. I don't have a strong
opinion on this though.
> I've had a go at re-wording some of the text to make it flow more
> naturally (at least imho); hopefully it still purveys the sense of the
> information which needs documenting.
> +      Evolution (GNOME Desktop mail client) is upgraded from
> +      <literal></literal> to <literal>2.30.3-5</literal>. Due to
> +      changes in the local storage format and the possibility of data loss, it's
> +      really recommended to make the upgrade with Evolution not running. The main
> +      interface should be quitted, but the various Evolution components shouldn't
> +      run either. The best way to ensure that is to quit the desktop environment
> +      before doing the upgrade and run it from command line.
> Evolution (the GNOME Desktop mail client) has been updated from version
> <literal>2.22</literal> to <literal>2.30</literal>. This changes the
> storage format used by the package for local data and there is a
> possibility of data loss if the upgrade is performed whilst <systemitem
> role="package">evolution</systemitem> is running. Exiting the
> application itself may not be sufficient, as various related components
> will continue to run in the background. To avoid any potential issues,
> it is recommended that you completely exit your desktop environment
> before beginning the upgrade to &releasename;.

Looks fine.
> +      A check will be done during the upgrade to verify no Evolution process
> +      are running, and a chance will be given to manually quit all evolution
> +      instances. If the upgrader still detects processes, a choice will be
> +      offerred to either stop the upgrade or continue and kill the evolution
> +      processes.
> As part of the upgrade process, <systemitem
> role="package">evolution</systemitem> will check whether any related
> processes are running and will recommend that they be closed. A
> secondary check for processes will then be performed; if necessary, a
> choice will be offered between allowing the remaining processes to be
> killed or aborting the upgrade in order to resolve the situation by
> hand.

Looks fine too, thanks


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