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Bug#608486: release notes §4.6.1 (expected removals): grub-legacy

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 23:44:46 +0000, Colin Watson wrote:

> There is an "Update to GRUB 2" section in SVN, marked as
> condition="fixme".  Here's an initial attempt.  I removed the
> "Arch-specific?" question because the Debian GRUB Legacy package only
> existed on amd64 and i386 (well, and hurd-i386, but it doesn't seem to
> be covered by the release notes anyway).  I made a small tweak to
> prepare-initramfs too.
Thanks, I committed this (r7997).  I'll leave this bug open until we
figure out what to do with the "boot-hangs" section.


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