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Documetation gap

Dear Debian Documentation,

The present state of debian documentation is quite depressing.  It slows me down and that is frustrating.  I would like to help.

So I make the following offer:

In exchange for certain information that ought to be in the documentation, but is not (AFAICT), I will do two things:

1.  Write up the information i seek in a clear and concise form so that it is available for use by the community.

2.  Create a link farm mechanism with broken link detection to make (some) sense of the voluminous debian-related, information that is scattered around the internet .  The goal of that effort would be to perform and automate the research necessary to the construction AND MAINTENANCE of reasonable quality documentation for the distribution.  If there are not enough writers to utilize the resource once constructed it would be a suitable for construction of an automated debian knowledge-base.

Please let me know your level of interest in this offer.

Lee Winter
NP Engineering
Nashua, New Hampshire

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