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Re: Documetation gap

2009/7/26 Lee Winter <lee.j.i.winter@gmail.com>:
> Dear Debian Documentation,

Dear Lee,

I agree with you that the state of some documentation could be
improved. On your offer:

- If you want to provide new documentation, by all means, you can
start writing it and sharing it with the Debian community. We
currently hold all^Wmost of the DDP documentation at the DDP SVN [1]
and, from there, have it built and published at the Debian website,
along the other documentation. Notice that the pages at www.debian.org
already have pointers to documentation (HOWTOs, FAQs...) maybe those
should be reviewed too.

- For the link farm, this infrastructure could be hold at the WWW CVS.
For the time being, if you can submit patches or new (wml) pages for
the Website to add valuable documentation links, by all means, do so.

In either case, please use the BTS whenever possible (WWW related
enhacements/bugs should be sent to the www.debian.org virtual

Thanks for your help in improving debian documentation!


[1] http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/ddp/manuals/

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