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Re: Documetation gap


On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 09:03:48PM -0400, Lee Winter wrote:
> Dear Debian Documentation,
> The present state of debian documentation is quite depressing.  It slows me
> down and that is frustrating.  I would like to help.

> So I make the following offer:
> In exchange for certain information that ought to be in the documentation,
> but is not (AFAICT), I will do two things:

I do not understand "exchange" part.  If this is "In light of certain
...", then I agree.

> 1.  Write up the information i seek in a clear and concise form so that it
> is available for use by the community.

Please.  These days, that happens in two ways:
 * patch proposed to current document.
 * new content added to wiki.debian.org

> 2.  Create a link farm mechanism with broken link detection to make (some)
> sense of the voluminous debian-related, information that is scattered around
> the internet .  

We have quite a bit of it in terms of code.  We lack volunteer time to
update such broken link.  We run broken link detection code by hand.
Not so regulary.  You see "url-check" target for debian-reference
(quick-reference in SVN) for example.  You can always run it and report
bug report.

> The goal of that effort would be to perform and automate the
> research necessary to the construction AND MAINTENANCE of reasonable quality
> documentation for the distribution.  

I try.  Your help is appreciated.

> If there are not enough writers to
> utilize the resource once constructed it would be a suitable for
> construction of an automated debian knowledge-base.

Hmmm.... I do not understand.  I do not think we need to create search
engin for debian related infrmation. ... Or I should say our time is
better spend if we polish existing documents (both ddp and wiki.)

> Please let me know your level of interest in this offer.

Debian is volunteer project.   Any positive contribution are welcomed.


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