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Re: Side effect of webwml alioth transition


 [nekral, added you to explicit recipients because it might be a po4a
related bug]

* Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2009-07-05 14:40:19 CEST]:
> It looks like I mixed up few things and issue is not related to webwml
> transition.

 No worries, actually we are facing three things that more or less broke
at the same time, so it's easy to think of a connection. :)

 For a start, the build-logs are accessible again thanks to weasel who
adjusted the new default vhost that got installed to also allow access
to them again. :)

> On Sun, Jul 05, 2009 at 12:09:46PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > * Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2009-07-05 04:50:55 CEST]:
> > > Following may be related problem to recent webwml transition.
> > 
> >  Not completely sure about that because the doc part is unrelated to the
> > webwml cvs from what I understand, it rather might also be related to
> > some recent commits:
> I see.
> > #v+
> > :~$ ps www 23329
> > 23329 ?        R    1333:59 /usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/po4a-translate --format docbook --keep 0 -m beyond-pkging.dbk -p po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po -l ja/beyond-pkging.dbk
> > #v-
> /usr/bin/po4a-translate is slow CPU intensive process.

 That might be true (and hopefully a place for improvements ;)), but it
shouldn't last _that_ long.

> This is developer reference Japanese translation by Hideki Yamane
> <henrich@debian.or.jp>, I think.

 Thanks for digging that up. And I think it really might be related to
that because:

/proc/2441/fd$ ls -l| cut -d\  -f10-

0 -> pipe:[8471962]
1 -> /org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log
2 -> /org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log
3 -> /org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po

/proc/2441/fd$ msgfmt --statistics -o /dev/null /org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:492: end-of-line within string
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:492:3: syntax error
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:495: end-of-line within string
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:507: end-of-line within string
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:507:3: syntax error
/org/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/developers-reference/po4a/ja/beyond-pkging.po:508: end-of-line within string
msgfmt: found 6 fatal errors


 The process 2441 is now already running since more than an hour. An
strace on the process doesn't really yield much:

     0.000000 brk(0xe10e000)            = 0xe10e000
     0.000104 brk(0xe10d000)            = 0xe10d000
     9.409890 brk(0xe12e000)            = 0xe12e000
     0.000093 brk(0xe12d000)            = 0xe12d000
     9.437423 brk(0xe14e000)            = 0xe14e000
     0.000085 brk(0xe14d000)            = 0xe14d000

 (that's time between the different syscalls in the first column)

 I just killed it again.

> >  There is something extremely fishy with this - yes, the TIME _is_ 1333
> > minutes aka 22 hours. 
> I suspect that this is taking long since it was not translated much or
> po file is out of sync with pot files.

 But _that_ long? I rather suspect there to be a bug somewhere in po4a
related to not being able to work well with broken po files.

> (I am not quite sure how DDP build script is run on master.)

 You can see it in webwml cron repository:

 So long!

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