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Re: issues on DDP related pages

Quoting "Osamu Aoki" <osamu@debian.org>:
* Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card
This is released and I thik is good shape.  Is this now build on
www-master?  If so let's add to this top page.  (And update

Content-wise there are some issues, but the state is not too bad.
Best of all: Really many 100% translations!

The reference card is a proper Debian package, so I'm not sure,
whether it's built on master. Also, because this is the only
documentation with space constraints (two pages A4 or letter),
we need sometimes the latest dblatex and/or xmlroff tool chain,
which might break other documents. So maybe it's better not to
build the reference card on a "stable" system in the long run.

FYI: I use DocBook XML but it is genarated from much easier to edit
asciidoc now.  (I was using MoinMoin a one point to get XML.)  Typing
table in straight XML is pain ....

Yes. nxml-mode is nice, but still...

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