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Bug#513260: marked as done ([INtL:sv] Swedish translation of old-stuff.po)

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has caused the Debian Bug report #513260,
regarding [INtL:sv] Swedish translation of old-stuff.po
to be marked as done.

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package: release-notes
severity: wishlist
tags: patch l10n

please find the attached swedish translation of old-stuff.po for the Lenny release notes.

Bruce Schneier mounts side-channel attacks through the front channel
# Swedish translation of release-notes for Debian 5
# Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Martin Bagge <brother@bsnet.se>, 2009.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: release-notes 5.0\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-12-27 11:34+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-01-27 18:04+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Martin Bagge <brother@bsnet.se>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

# type: Attribute 'lang' of: <appendix>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:7
msgid "en"
msgstr "sv"

# type: Content of: <appendix><title>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:8
msgid "Managing your &oldreleasename; system"
msgstr "Hantera ditt &oldreleasename;-system"

# type: Content of: <appendix><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:10
msgid ""
"This appendix contains information on how to make sure you can install or "
"upgrade &oldreleasename; packages before you upgrade to &releasename;.  This "
"should only be necessary in specific situations."
msgstr ""
"Denna bilaga innehåller information om hur du kontrollerar att du kan "
"installera eller uppgradera paket från &oldreleasename; innan du uppgraderar "
"till &releasename;. Det här bör endast vara nödvändigt i specifika "
"situationer. "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><title>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:15
msgid "Upgrading your &oldreleasename; system"
msgstr "Uppgradering av ditt &oldreleasename;-system"

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:17
msgid ""
"Basically this is no different than any other upgrade of &oldreleasename; "
"you've been doing.  The only difference is that you first need to make sure "
"your package list still contains &oldreleasename; packages as explained in "
"<xref linkend=\"old-sources\"/>."
msgstr ""
"Det är inga grundläggande skillnader mot någon annan uppgradering av "
"&oldreleasename; som du gjort. Den enda skillnaden är att du först behöver "
"se till att din paketlista fortfarande innehåller paket från "
"&oldreleasename; vilket förklarades i <xref linkend=\"old-sources\"/>."

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:23
msgid ""
"If you upgrade your system using a Debian mirror, it will automatically be "
"upgraded to the latest &oldreleasename; point release."
msgstr ""
"Om du uppgraderar ditt system med en Debian-spegel kommer den automatiskt "
"att uppgraderas till den senaste punktutgåvan av &oldreleasename;. "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><title>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:29
msgid "Checking your sources list"
msgstr "Kontrollera dina källistor"

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:31
msgid ""
"If any of the lines in your <filename>/etc/apt/sources.list</filename> refer "
"to 'stable', you are effectively already <quote>using</quote> "
"&releasename;.  If you have already run <literal>apt-get update</literal>, "
"you can still get back without problems following the procedure below."
msgstr ""
"Om någon av raderna i din <filename>/etc/apt/sources.list</filename> "
"refererar till \"stable\", <quote>använder</quote> du faktiskt redan "
"&releasename;. Om du redan har kört <literal>apt-get update</literal>, kan "
"du fortfarande komma tillbaka utan problem om du följer nedanstående "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:37
msgid ""
"If you have also already installed packages from &releasename;, there "
"probably is not much point in installing packages from &oldreleasename; "
"anymore.  In that case you will have to decide for yourself whether you want "
"to continue or not.  It is possible to downgrade packages, but that is not "
"covered here."
msgstr ""
"Om du även har installerat paket från &releasename;, är det antagligen inte "
"så stor mening att installera paket från &oldreleasename; längre. I det "
"fallet måste du bestämma dig för om du vill fortsätta eller inte. Det är "
"möjligt att nedgradera paket, men det beskrivs inte här. "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:43
msgid ""
"Open the file <filename>/etc/apt/sources.list</filename> with your favorite "
"editor (as root) and check all lines beginning with <literal>deb http:</"
"literal> or <literal>deb ftp:</literal> for a reference to "
"<quote><literal>stable</literal></quote>.  If you find any, change "
"<literal>stable</literal> to <literal>&oldreleasename;</literal>."
msgstr ""
"Öppna filen <filename>/etc/apt/sources.list</filename> med din "
"favoritredigerare (som root) och kontrollera alla rader som börjar med "
"<literal>deb http:</literal> eller <literal>deb ftp:</literal> efter en "
"referens till <quote><literal>stable</quote></literal>. Om du hittar någon, "
"ändra <literal>stable</literal> till <literal>&oldreleasename;</literal>."

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:50
msgid ""
"If you have any lines starting with <literal>deb file:</literal>, you will "
"have to check for yourself if the location they refer to contains an "
"&oldreleasename; or a &releasename; archive."
msgstr ""
"Om du har vissa rader som börjar med <literal>deb file:</literal> måste du "
"själv kontrollera om platsen som de refererar till innehåller ett arkiv för "
"&oldreleasename; eller &releasename;. "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><important><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:56
msgid ""
"Do not change any lines that begin with <literal>deb cdrom:</literal>.  "
"Doing so would invalidate the line and you would have to run <command>apt-"
"cdrom</command> again.  Do not be alarmed if a 'cdrom' source line refers to "
"<quote><literal>unstable</literal></quote>.  Although confusing, this is "
msgstr ""
"Ändra inte några rader som börjar med <literal>deb cdrom:</literal>. Om du "
"gör det så ogiltigförklaras raden och du måste köra <command>apt-cdrom</"
"command> igen. Bli inte rädd om en \"cdrom\"-källrad refererar till "
"<quote><literal>unstable</literal></quote>. Även om det är förvirrande så är "
"det normalt. "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:64
msgid "If you've made any changes, save the file and execute"
msgstr "Om du har gjort några ändringar, spara filen och kör "

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><screen>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:66
#, no-wrap
msgid ""
"# apt-get update\n"
msgstr ""
"# apt-get update\n"

# type: Content of: <appendix><section><para>
#: en/old-stuff.dbk:70
msgid "to refresh the package list."
msgstr "för att uppdatera paketlistan. "

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On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 06:07:07PM +0100, Martin Bagge wrote:
> package: release-notes
> severity: wishlist
> tags: patch l10n
> please find the attached swedish translation of old-stuff.po for the 
> Lenny release notes.

Thanks, commited to SVN (after running updatepo)

Stats after updatepo:
old-stuff.po :  13 translated messages, 2 fuzzy translations.

Simon Paillard

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