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Bug#513273: Fw: Changing binary files in diff.gz -- Suggesting GPG

Package: developers-reference

Forwarding it to the BTS.

Simon Paillard
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Hello Developer's Reference Team

I'm just a Debian user, not a developer, so you can safely ignore me. :) 
But I have a tiny suggestion for your Developer's Reference manual. 
More specifically to the part


It suggests uuencoded form for binary files that are shipped with Debian 
source packages' diff.gz file. The footnote 7 gives perl example.

May I suggest using the ASCII armored gpg format instead? In other 
words: "gpg --armor --store binaryfile". The advantage is that gpg 
compresses files before encoding. Therefore the ASCII armored file may 
even be smaller than the original. gpg uses base64 encoding which in 
itself is more compact than the standard uuencode.

Just thoughts. Thanks.

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