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Bug#406131: Document how to do partial updates for users tight on space?

Thank you for regarding this increasingly important issue:
While desktop installations are greedy with space and dependencies,
the area of netbooks (xo, eepc etc.) is getting a more and more important 
field for Debian users. 

In the long run, these devices with tight disk space should be worth a new 
upgrade technology (beyond documenting a workaround to match unappropriate 
resources). Remember Debian mirrors to meet slow bandwiths? Now we have to 
meet tight flash disks.

My ideas aim at two targets:
1. apt-get intelligence: algorithms might find a step-wise "route" to the 
desired installation state by dividing upgrading into minimal "onion" layers 
(interim steps).

2. installing deb packages directly from a Debian mirror using sftp-mount. 
Instead of downloading deb packages they would directly install from the 

What do you think?

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