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Re: Debian FAQ, translation infrastructure, please review


Op Mon  2 Jun 2008 om 05:04:43 +0200 schreef W. Martin Borgert:
> under
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/ddp/manuals/branches/debian-faq/dbk-po4a-utf8
> is a Debian FAQ, converted to DocBook XML + PO4A + UTF-8. I
> would like to invite everyone to try out/review this branch.
> Notes:
> - de, fr, it, and zh_CN are converted to PO, because we actually
>   build those
> - es, pl, pt_BR, ru, and uk are currently not used, so I did not
>   yet convert them to PO
> - nearly all translations are fuzzy for now - translators need
>   to review all phrases anyway

Op Wed  4 Jun 2008 om 12:24:09 +0200 schreef W. Martin Borgert:
> I added po files for es. Translators desperately needed for
> reviewing every single word.

Since june, there has been some work done on the "old" debian-faq
branch.  Is the dbk-po4a-utf8 branch ready for translators now, or is
some manual merging needed first?

I'd like to especially ask the

 zh_CN, it

translators for updates (if we don't get any reply within a reasonable
timeframe, I'll remove those packages).  And I'm optimistic about
getting updates of the

 es, pt_BR

translations.  If we get these, I'll create packages debian-faq-es and

for the current status of the translations.)




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