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Re: Switching from CVS to something else

On 11116 March 1977, Osamu Aoki wrote:

> Although I like git's ability work off line, git is not good for this
> unless someone build version tracking diff scipt for translation for it.
> (If one need a local repository, he can use git with git-svn anyway.)  I
> think moving to Subversion will be the rational choice if we bother to
> move since we save bandwidth of diff etc.  (Of course diff script needs
> to be adjusted but that is relatively simple task, I think.)

There is *no* reason to switch to anything else than svn if that "off
line" is the only reason. Use svk.

Initiate your local, offline, copy

svk mirror svn+ssh://$USER@svn.debian.org/svn/$REPO/ //alioth/$REPO
svk sync //alioth/$REPO
svk copy -p //alioth/$REPO //local/$REPO -m "Copy $REPO to local"
svk co //local/$REPO

Replace $REPO and $USER with something sensible.

svn up is then

svk sync //alioth/$REPO
svk smerge -I //alioth/$REPO //local/$REPO -m "Merge $REPO to local"
svk up

and svn commit gets to

svk commit  # As many times locally as you want, when you are done
            # editing and want others to see the results push it


svk smerge -l //local/$REPO //alioth/$REPO

where the -l will pre-fill the commit message with the svk commit logs,
so have sensible commit messages there and you dont have to type things
in when you push changes.

bye Joerg
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