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Re: Switching from CVS to something else


On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 07:46:26PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> the DDP team is one the last few users of a CVS repository on
> cvs.debian.org. As you probably already know, most VCS repositories
> are nowadays hosted on alioth.debian.org.
> http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth
> This gives you much more flexibility:
> - you can use any VCS of your choice (subversion is the most popular and the
>   simplest to switch to for CVS users)
> - you can have control on the members of your team without the need
>   to ask DSA to add or remove someone
> Please consider moving to Alioth. I know changing the VCS repository
> will require some coordination with the web team as the manuals are
> published daily on the website. I suggested the same switch to the web
> team.
> Alioth also supports CVS, so if you want to keep CVS, you can do that as
> well. But I encourage you to switch to something else and I can help you to
> convert the repository if needed.

I think since DDP uses "$Revision: $" thing quite a bit as the ways to
keep track version difference, I think the only practical choice is
keeping CVS or moving to Subversion repository. (Not git nor monotone
nor hg.)

Although I like git's ability work off line, git is not good for this
unless someone build version tracking diff scipt for translation for it.
(If one need a local repository, he can use git with git-svn anyway.)  I
think moving to Subversion will be the rational choice if we bother to
move since we save bandwidth of diff etc.  (Of course diff script needs
to be adjusted but that is relatively simple task, I think.)

There was an attempt to move to alioth once when cvs.debian.org had
issue but no body including my self had time and energy to do it.

There is already project : ddp in cvs.alioth.debian.org

ddp side is nothing but copy of old CVS which I was involved but
stalled there.  I think French translator of manpage was the main user.

I know APT-HOWTO already use svn.debian.org instead of cvs.debian.org
I think APT-HOWTO only use cvs.debian.org for publication purpose.

And due to ease of translator addition, I was using sf.net CVS as the
upstrean of Debian Reference with valid version number and
cvs.debian.org for publication.

The reason it failed to move to aloth was lack of people willing (or
access) to set up web page building infrastructure.

I think if we set up the similar build infrastructure as d-i team, that
will be nice.  The biggest headick of DDP was it required to use stable
TeX/LaTeX infrastructure which we need to package build script for
unstable TeX/LaTeX infrastructure.  They are always different.  By
having off line machine building uploading build data, this build issue
will be solved.

That all I remember....  Any volunteer?


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