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Re: New manpages CGI interface available (beta test)

It's fully working now. Enjoy!

A few quirks I've already noticed:

* The Section index uses 'apropos' directly and can be quite
CPU-consuming for some sections which contain quite a lot of manpages.
I might look into having these be generated staticly instead of

* For some reason looking for 'apt' in 'all sections' does not turn up
anything but searching for it in section 8 does.

* Some manpages in the listings are showing indented, I believe this
is because of bugs in the manpages themselves, but have to check.

* Highlighting of manpages that contain a '_' in their name does not
work. I will need to fix the regular expression which handles those.

Ah. And  I forgot to mention that if in the distribution there are
multiple packages that provide a manual package with has the same name
in them you will only be able to get one of those, (which one
precisely depends on the binary package names and the script that sets
up the MANPATH). This happens, for example, for lpr(1).



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