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Re: Switching from CVS to something else

On Sun, 19 Aug 2007, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > Alioth also supports CVS, so if you want to keep CVS, you can do that as
> > well. But I encourage you to switch to something else and I can help you to
> > convert the repository if needed.
> I think since DDP uses "$Revision: $" thing quite a bit as the ways to
> keep track version difference, I think the only practical choice is
> keeping CVS or moving to Subversion repository. (Not git nor monotone
> nor hg.)

Honestly, I'd expect to switch to subversion since it's very easy to
switch to for people who are used to CVS.

However, technically speaking I'm sure there are solutions to track
translations automatically with other VCS. At least with git where most
low level commands are usable from scripts. One can extract the last
commit that modified a file with a command like this one:
$ git-rev-list -n 1 HEAD -- thefile

And if you have a "reference" commit you can do this command to find out
all the commits that changed the file since that commit:
$ git-rev-list HEAD ^c6549f3c0c63e7c2c178200b40dac167efe53d46 -- thefile

If the output is non-empty, then you know the translation is outdated.

> move since we save bandwidth of diff etc.  (Of course diff script needs
> to be adjusted but that is relatively simple task, I think.)

Which diff scripts are you referring to?

> The reason it failed to move to aloth was lack of people willing (or
> access) to set up web page building infrastructure.

Can you point me (more precisely) to what needs fixing and adjustment?

> I think if we set up the similar build infrastructure as d-i team, that
> will be nice.  The biggest headick of DDP was it required to use stable
> TeX/LaTeX infrastructure which we need to package build script for
> unstable TeX/LaTeX infrastructure.  They are always different.  By
> having off line machine building uploading build data, this build issue
> will be solved.

Currently the documents are built on www-master directly no?

Where would you like to build them? And would you keep a daily push if you
switch to something else?

> That all I remember....  Any volunteer?

I'm not yet familiar enough with all of this but I can try to help
if you point me to the stuff that needs fixing.

Raphaël Hertzog

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