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Re: Errors in website build logs for the release notes

(Full reply by Jens included as webmaster was dropped from recipients.)

On Friday 06 April 2007 20:46, Jens Seidel wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 06, 2007 at 08:24:37PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > The po4a error I could understand as an outdated version and probably
> > means that the sgml file does not get regenerated.
> Right.
> > This could also explain the iconv error as because of that it will be
> > trying to convert a file that is already in legacy encoding (the file
> > that was committed) from UTF-8 to legacy encoding .
> Yes, that's the right explanation.
> On systems with a new po4a happens the following:
>  * po4a-translate updates release-notes.pt.sgml in the encoding of the
>    PO-file (UTF-8)
>  * Since debiandoc-sgml expects latin1 iconv is started to convert from
>    UTF-8 to latin1
> On the build host with outdated po4a:
>   * po4a-translate fails to update release-notes.pt.sgml and doesn't
>     touch this file. Instead the committed version (probably encoded in
> latin1 as it results from the step above is used)
>   * iconv is called bogusly again (no need for conversion) and the
> error is ignored.
> > Any ideas how to clean this up? IMO it's a bit messy.
> We could commit SGML files in the PO file encoding. But this requires
> care.
> The proper solution is to wait for the upgrade to Etch. It was also
> once suggested to install a local build of po4a and access it by
> setting PATH (and a Perl specific path?) in the Makefile.

Wouldn't it be better to not rebuild the sgml files on the server at all?

The main argument for that would be that you don't want to suddenly 
replace a translated text by the English text just because of a minor 
change of the English original. Including an English text may make that 
part of the release notes unusable for some readers.

Especially for Release Notes published on the official website that is not 
acceptable IMO.

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