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Re: Desktop upgrade strategy - new procedure 'C'

On Friday 23 March 2007 19:15, Frans Pop wrote:
> The new procedure goes as follows:
> - aptitude update (/me is still annoyed at the warnings aptitude prints
>   when a new source is added for the first time)
> - edit sources.list to point to Etch

Oops, these should of course be the other way around.

> - aptitude _upgrade_ (the 'aptitude upgrade aptitude' suggested by
>   Jonathan is bogus; aptitude is not upgraded by that)
> - aptitude install initrd-tools libfam0 xlibmesa-glu (all if installed;
>   last two not needed if fixed)

Possibly initrd-tools should be done before the 'aptitude upgrade' as that 
is what upgrades glibc.

> - aptitude unmarkauto openoffice.org

Maybe this should be done as the very first thing instead.

> - aptitude dist-upgrade

Note that AFAICT --with-recommends is not honored with an 'aptitude 
dist-upgrade' - it will still list the same packages as "recommended but 
will not be installed". No idea why.

> - aptitude update (get gpg sigs)
> - aptitude install linux-2.6-*

I have just tested if this last step could be done before the 
dist-upgrade, but that would result in unwanted removals again.

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