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Bug#376158: marked as done (Should document apt's new pdiff feature)

* Frank Lichtenheld (djpig@debian.org) [061114 17:59]:
> > +          <sect1 id="apt-pdiff"><heading>Apt downloads small files with update</heading>
> > +          <p>
> > +          There has been support added to <prgn>apt</prgn> to download only the difference
> > +          between packages files. This is handy for people with bad network connections,
> > +          but people having a very nearby mirror want to disable this feature.
> > +          One can disable it by adding <tt>Acquire::Pdiffs "false";</tt> to
> > +          <file>/etc/apt/apt.conf</file>.

> I think for users using 'stable' only this will make no difference at all,
> since they hardly ever have to download a Packages file apart from
> the security one.

... which can also grow large.

We don't say "hey, you need to disable that", but we just have an
section where we write things that we expect users to see and ask us
about. Also, this already applies to users who will test-upgrade soon
until etch is really stable - so yes, I think it's adequate to put it


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